January 12, 2016



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Journal Papers in Review / Progress

Ituh, Nsikak-Jeuel J., 2014. Financing renewable energy in Nigeria: opportunities & approaches, Proof




Research and Consultancy Projects

PhD Thesis

Ituh, Nsikak-Jeuel J., 2016. Spatial Transfer of Energy Policy Frameworks in Nigeria for scale up of Renewable Applications – Policy Learning, Divergence or Convergence, Unpublished PhD Theses. The Robert Gordon University Aberdeen


Further Working Papers


Unpublished Papers/Materials

Ituh, Nsikak-Jeuel J., 2012. Implementation of Supply Chain Improvement Programs in the Aerospace Industry. Unpublished MSc Theses. The Robert Gordon University Aberdeen:


Ituh, Nsikak-Jeuel J., 2011. Risk Management in North Sea Oil and Gas Decommissioning. Unpublished MSc Theses. The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen:


Ituh, Nsikak-Jeuel J., 2010. Upstream Oil and Gas Decommissioning: Strategies and Opportunities for Consulting. Unpublished MBA Group Project. The Robert Gordon University Aberdeen:


Ituh, Nsikak-Jeuel J., 2006. Is Trade Protectionism a threat to Labour, Employment and Competitiveness in United States, Unpublished MSc Theses, The Robert Gordon University Aberdeen:


Ituh, Nsikak J., 2000. The Effect of Palm Kernel Oil on the Heat of Combustion of Diesel. Unpublished BSc Theses. University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State:


Ituh, Nsikak J., 1999. State Functions, their Differentials and Maxwell Relations



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